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Mr. Emmanuel Ekakoro holds a Master of Philosophy in Bioenergy and the Environment, and Bachelor of Science degree in Wood Science & Technology.
Mr. Ekakoro is a specialist in Bioenergy, Energy Policy and Planning, Economics, Climate Change, Forestry and Natural Resource Management with experience stretching over 13 years working extensively in the energy sector notably on bioenergy technologies (charcoal and fuelwood), energy planning and policy, land use and land use change, forestry including REDD+ and carbon modelling in forestry and land use.

He has extensive experience in results-based management, project planning, implementation and monitoring and has worked in several countries, including South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somaliland, Chad and Nepal. He was part of the technical team that developed the Kenya National Climate Change Response Strategy.

He has also provided technical support to regional Climate Change Resilience projects. Ekakoro has provided high-level technical advice on Biomass, Energy, Forestry and Climate Change to humanitarian organisations including key UN Agencies namely the UNHCR, FAO, and UNDP, Relief International and the Norwegian Refugee Council. Mr. Ekakoro is multi-skilled and has experience working with multi-disciplinary teams as demonstrated in his detailed Curriculum Vitae.